I agree with your analysis but my question is why nuclear energy has been so unsuccessful in the US and UK but seems to be doing fine in France and South Korea?

My theory is that the state needs to be involved in a way that the US and the UK are not willing to be.

Complete speculation on my part: Maybe economies of scale are an issue? The more reactors you built the lower the cost?

Would like to know your thoughts on why some countries seem to be better at having a successful nuclear industry.

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The illegal war against the Ukraine and attacks on energy infrastructure demonstrate another serious concern for nuclear power.

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Agreed that public opposition hasn't made much difference in the US and the UK. There are some counter-examples e.g. South Africa, South Korea, Japan and Taiwan ... countries where there is a significant nuclear lobby but also significant opposition. Agree that the 'many announcements' will likely lead to a 'tiny' number of construction projects. So far in 2022, 6 power reactor start-ups globally, 4 permanent closures and 7 construction starts ... the same pattern of stagnation that we've seen for the past 30 years. The difference is that 30 years ago there was a fleet of 400-or-so-new reactors and now there is a fleet of 400-or-so ageing reactors.

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